I have a couple of roles at Opus. First and foremost, I'm based in Tauranga and am part of the Westlink Maintenance Contract team acting as Strategic Asset Management Engineer. I'm lucky enough to have involvement in varied Asset Management projects within New Zealand and internationally and lead the Asset Condition Modelling PIN within Opus. 

For the past five years I've also held the role of Technical Manager of an industry based charitable organisation called Infrastructure Decision Support (IDS) that develops and looks after the New Zealand intellectual property for Asset Condition Modelling.

I love the diversity of the work I do and my ability to work across time boundaries as well as organisational boundaries. With my WestLink role I am based locally and have worked with the same great team for my 12 years within Opus, it keeps me grounded and hands on with operational aspects of my work. Having a wider role in my specialist area gets me out, regularly working with other national and international clients and keeping more of a strategic view of what is happening in the industry. I have access to a highly skilled small 'virtual' team spread literally all around the world to assist with projects which is truly fantastic. My industry role offers an opportunity where great minds can pull together best for industry solutions without organisational boundaries.

Being invited to lead IDS was a big achievement for me as well as a career milestone. I still get most reward from the little successes, projects that really make a difference, training and presenting where attendees leave more knowledgeable than when they arrived and really just doing a good job.

I'm fortunate enough to have a wonderful family with two young kids who love the outdoors. Between us, my husband and I have tried our hand at most adventure sports out there and now our kids are getting addicted too! Evenings and weekends are mostly spent hiking, camping and mountain biking with the occasional race thrown in for good measure. We do live in paradise here in New Zealand so we try our best to make the most of it!

It's hard deciding on a career path, particularly when you are coming straight out of school. I think it's important to be flexible and keep an open mind, often you will find challenge and enjoyment in areas you never imagined, especially if you give it time. The more you put in the more you will get out, there is no substitution to commitment and perseverance. Networking is invaluable. Learn from your mentor, colleagues, peers, and from your mistakes. Ask questions but also trust in your own ability. Make the most of opportunities as they arise and don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, even if just by a toe! Work hard and play hard, success in your personal life will only ever enhance your career - it's all about balance.