I am a Senior Environmental Consultant and a Health and Safety Representative for the Brisbane Office. The main aspect of my role is to work closely with clients to gain an understanding of what outcomes they are trying to achieve and assisting them to find practical and cost effective environmental solutions.

Having the opportunity to get out in the field is always a highlight of my role but overall I like the variety of projects we get to be a part of. One day I'll be in the office completing environmental assessments for linear infrastructure, the next I'm conducting site environmental audits or assisting in archaeological excavations with Traditional Owners. I really enjoy working with people, whether they're internal team members, clients or key stakeholders to ensure the best possible outcomes can be achieved.

My biggest career achievement was being asked to join a team working on an international project. I enjoy adapting to new challenges, particularly in areas where I have previously had limited experience.

In my spare time I enjoy travelling and exploring new places. Anything outdoors like hiking, fishing, camping or hanging out at the beach or maybe visiting a cheeky winery or two.

My advice for people beginning their career would be to not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and have a go at new and challenging opportunities that come your way. You never know where they'll take you, who you will meet and the amazing life experiences you will have.