1. What is your role at Opus?
I currently have a split role. I am the Service Excellence Leader for Queensland and also the Transportation Team Leader in Brisbane. As a Service Excellence Leader I am focusing on improving project management this year. This means bedding down our Project Management Accreditation Framework and providing training and support to all our project managers to help them better manage their projects. In addition to this we are introducing the responsibilities of the Project Director and increasing awareness of Safety in Design through training and auditing. As the Transportation Team Leader I am very much in business development mode - much of my time is spent writing bids and building relationships with potential clients. In addition to my formal roles I am also a Global Asset Management team resource and have been working on projects with our Opus colleagues in Malaysia.

2. What do you enjoy the most in your current role?
I enjoy the wide variety my role offers and the flexibility to pursue opportunities as they arise. I have been lucky to do some travelling in the last few years and love the interactions with different offices.

3. What has been your biggest career achievement?
Transitioning from a client background to join Opus eight years ago was fairly significant. Even projects that have not gone quite so well offer the greatest feelings of achievement – though this only comes in hindsight.

4. Outside of Opus, what do you like to do in your spare time?
I have two teenage sons so most of any spare time is spent with them. I do like to travel when I can but on the whole at the moment I just aspire to having spare time.

5. What advice would you give to people beginning their career?
To pursue what you want to. Don’t let perceived barriers get in your way. Respect is earned through listening to others, pulling your weight, and putting aside any differences. Ultimately the most satisfaction comes from achieving something by just getting on and doing it without leaning on assumed ‘rights’ whether they be gender, race, age or physical ability.