I lead the Urban Research team at Opus Research, based in Petone. Our research focuses on place, mobility and infrastructure.

We are involved in a big range of projects that cross over sectors, disciplines and methods. I enjoy developing research that weaves these ideas and approaches together in ways that help address real world problems. It means I get to learn about all manner of things - the technical aspects of how our environments are designed and managed, the political and social aspects to decision making, and the challenges, and opportunities presented by emerging technology.

My biggest career achievement has been getting our research outside of the ivory tower (pun intended). By sharing study findings through different media, incorporating our research into projects with other colleagues across the company, and working in collaboration with other university researchers; it all contributes to our research being useful.

In my spare time outside of Opus I enjoy being in different places, trying different things, especially anything to do with food, tramping, and more recently, snorkeling (with turtles!).

My advice for those beginning their career is to look for things that give you energy and that capture your attention. Then find ways to get paid for doing them. A wonderful piece of advice I received last year - expect the unexpected with courage, humour and grace.