Work Group Manager for Stormwater and Water Sensitive Design

Suman is WSP Opus' Work Group Manager for Stormwater and Water Sensitive Design and the WSP Opus Client Relationship Director for Auckland Council. As a workgroup manager he leads and manages the operations of a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers in delivering design and construction projects in stormwater conveyance, management systems, highway drainage, water sensitive designs, water asset management and land development.

Suman discusses innovative wastewater solutions to super-charge nature using rain, hanging gardens and microbes.

Previously he started his professional life as a structural engineer more than 25 years ago. Through his professional journey Suman has held a number of positions including the roles of a project manager, transportation engineer, land development engineer and water utilities engineer/work group manager. He has worked in India, Australia and New Zealand successfully delivering projects to industrial, local authority, public sector, and private sector clients.

Outside of work Suman works with entrepreneurs and start-ups developing business strategies on a pro-bono basis. In the past, he has assisted four start-ups and one entrepreneur across three countries with growth and commercialisation strategies.

Away from work Suman enjoys playing Badminton, Cricket and Volley Ball. In his spare time he also likes long walks in the native bushes of New Zealand and working on DIY projects. Business Agility, Open Innovation and developing engineering solutions with social and economic outcomes are his areas of interest. His MBA research project was focused on identifying enablers, attributes and conceptual frameworks for large consulting engineering firms to achieve business agility.  A member of the Callaghan Innovation’s Innovators’ Forum Suman helps provide practical support and learning to New Zealand innovators.

Enabling young professionals to be industry ready when they graduate is his another interest; to enable this he is a member of the Industry Advisory Board for the Auckland University ICT School that works with the university to ensure students are industry ready when they graduate.

Suman holds the following qualifications: MBA, BE (Civil), MIEAust, CPEng, MIPENZ, CPEng, IntPE(NZ)

To contact Suman please call - +64 27 231 9797