Technical Director, Environment

Carole Smith

With over 20 years’ experience in environmental consulting in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, Carole has a well-earned reputation for being strongly committed and versatile, with a multi-disciplinary background involving project management, technical and management roles.

She is passionate about understanding how technology can be used to deliver better results for clients, and believes that being at the forefront of new technologies and approaches is one of WSP Opus’ major strengths.

Carole’s defining career moments include auditing Air NZ’s environmental performance over a 10-year period and managing Auckland Council’s closed landfill team.

 “Sometimes when we work for our clients in the environmental area the benefits of our efforts aren’t always immediately obvious - it is quite different from building a bridge or a new road. Yet when I reflect back on my career I can see that I’ve made a difference for the environment and for our communities.  This is what gets me out of bed in the morning.”

Carole is an Environmental Scientist, has a Master of Science in Environmental Assessment from University College Wales and a Batchelor of Science in Geography from the University of Dundee.