Opus Appoints New Board Members

6 December 2017

Opus International Consultants Limited (Opus) announced today the appointment of three new non-independent Directors to the Board.  This announcement follows confirmation of WSP NZ Acquisition Limited (WSP) as the dominant owner of Opus earlier this week. 

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Better data better decisions

3 October 2016

“Better data means better decisions, resulting in greater well-being for all New Zealanders.”

We live in an age where our lives can be improved by better use of the data that is collected about us. This is most noticeable where different data sets are able to be integrated, for example in the health sector, where linked datasets between agencies ensure a better level of efficiency, a better understanding of medical history, and ultimately a better level of care. On the other extreme, some would suggest our data is already being collected to monitor us and that “big brother” is watching. Movies like Minority Report raise moral questions around data use, in this case to predict pre-crime activity prior to it happening, but there are less extreme examples where data can be used to unfairly stereotype people if used inappropriately. So what is our willingness to accept data integration and sharing, under what circumstances are we more trusting, and what are the underlying reasons for this? By gauging the level and extent of public concerns around privacy and appropriate use of data, public sector agencies and the Statistics New Zealand Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) unit will be better positioned to anticipate public requirements and respond appropriately.

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Human-centric design: putting humans into the design process

trimble building

By adopting a human-centric approach, a new structure or infrastructure –  whether it’s a bridge, playground, park, or reservoir – isn’t simply a physical object consisting of raw materials and labour. Instead, it’s the manifestation of community aspirations. It’s a carefully considered design brought to life. It’s a way to solve underlying issues and make lives better. That’s because human-centric design places people firmly at the heart of projects.

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Connecting nature and community 

 Kate Palmer

Watchmans Rd intersection Napier 14

One of the country’s highest risk intersections has undergone a dramatic transformation in a project that will deliver positive outcomes for road users, the local community, visitors, and rare native local wildlife.  

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