New Zealand Building Code - WSP Opus

3 July 2018

This week, Corrosion and Asset Integrity Consultant, Raed El Sarraf, presented his paper, NZ Building Code B2 Issues, Solutions and where to from here - at the Designing For Durability Conference in Auckland. 

The white paper highlights the issues and challenges experienced by design engineers and architects, in meeting the expectations and requirements of Building Control Authorities (BCA).

Raed follows with a proposed pathway to addressing these issues, demonstrating compliance with the B2 Clause of the NZBC. 

The NZBC sets the performance standards that all structures are required to comply with; the B2 Clause addresses a projects durability.

The guidance given in the B1 Structures clause is clear on how engineers, and users, can both work toward its compliance (which includes a rigorous peer review process) and demonstrate how compliance can be achieved.

Unfortunately, it appears that there are limitations with the B2 Durability clause of the NZBC, which has led to misunderstandings on achieving and demonstrating compliance, especially regarding acceptable solution’s or using the verification methods for some common construction materials.

This is especially an issue when councils are requesting producer statements that are signed covering B2. 

In his paper, Raed addressed the question, how can engineers and architects sign such statements if the means of achieving compliance is not clear? 

Download Raed's Paper

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