30 October 2009

Following the force 6.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Gisborne on 20 December 2007, extensive follow up work and research has been undertaken to gain an insight into aspects of the recovery process.

As part of this follow up work, the research laboratory of Opus International Consultants is holding an in-depth workshop. The workshop will include a number of key note speakers from various organisations who will present their findings and provide an insight into the recovery process. Entitled “Shaken Up: Recovery following the Gisborne Earthquake,” the workshop will share findings on aspects of local community and business recovery.

“All cities and towns in New Zealand are vulnerable to earthquakes and the workshop findings will have implications for both central government and local authorities, policy makers, commercial property owners, businesses and insurance companies,” says one of the co-ordinators for the workshop, Dr Abigal Harding from Opus’ Central Laboratories. “The workshop will be of interest to all those likely to be involved in earthquake recovery process.”

The speakers, who will include researchers and industry experts, will present on topics including recovery as a holistic concept, the impact of the earthquake on buildings and other infrastructure, the Gisborne community’s experience of the recovery, why earthquakes induce people to travel, recovery by businesses, the rebuilding of commercial property and the co-ordination of state and private funding to facilitate urgent repairs. The similarities of the recovery experiences following the Gisborne and the Newcastle earthquakes will also be discussed.

The keynote speakers will include Alan Walker from MCDEM, Wendy Saunders from GNS, John Lucas from the Insurance Council of New Zealand, and Dave Brunsdon from Resilient Organisations. Their presentations will be followed by a panel discussion where attendees can ask questions of panel members.

The workshop will be held on December 7, between 1-5pm, at the Spectrum Theatre, BP House, 20 Customhouse Quay, Wellington. As seating is limited please register your interest by contacting Josh.Spelchan@opus.co.nz

For further information please contact:

Dr Abigal Harding
Tel: 06 587 0636
Email: Abigail.Harding@opus.co.nz


Dr Felicity Powell
Tel: 06 587 0635
Email: Felicity.Powell@opus.co.nz