9 February 2015

Infrastructure consultancy, WSP Opus International Consultants (WSP Opus) has announced a major restructure of its New Zealand business.

“With over 1,600 staff in 40 locations throughout New Zealand, we are one of the largest infrastructure consultants and the market leaders in many of the sectors in which we operate,” said Chief Executive Dr David Prentice. “In order to maintain and grow our market share, we have restructured the business to be in a stronger, more competitive position to meet the changing needs of the market.”

The restructure is specifically aimed at strengthening client delivery, project performance and driving greater productivity and efficiencies.

The new structure keeps WSP Opus’ extensive regional network with local leadership and capability, but is designed to improve collaboration and sharing of innovations and resources.

The major restructure reduces the New Zealand senior management team reporting to Peter Mathewson, Managing Director New Zealand, from 14 to 6. The new general management positions includes three operational roles as well as business development & growth, commercial & major projects and corporate services.  “These changes will significantly strengthen key areas such as project delivery, technical innovation and business development and will enable greater productivity and collaboration across the business,” said Mr Mathewson.

The restructure is the second phase of an ongoing organisational improvement process in New Zealand. The first phase, completed last year involved the restructure of WSP Opus’ national support functions.

In addition, this follows the previous announcement on the restructure of the Executive Leadership Team reporting to the Chief Executive.

“These changes are critical and part of an ongoing improvement process across the organisation aimed at putting us in a stronger position to meet the competitive challenges in each of our markets,” said Dr Prentice.