24 April 2015

Opus International Consultants (Opus) has received an award from the New Zealand Planning Institute for its role in the development of an innovative Adaptive Management Framework for managing environmental impacts from Auckland Harbour Bridge maintenance.

The Auckland Harbour Bridge is a nationally significant part of the State Highway network and is strategically and economically important to the liveability of Auckland.  The Adaptive Management Framework provides a flexible platform for bridge maintenance contractors that is estimated to save the NZ Transport Agency $65m over the next 10 years.

“Building on our relationship with the NZ Transport Agency, we worked with our industry partners to come up with a new approach that embraces innovation and allows flexibility to use more environmentally friendly products,” says Dr David Prentice, Chief Executive at Opus.

Opus received the Best Practice Award for Integrated Planning and Investigations as part of the Auckland Harbour Bridge Alliance (AHBA), a multi-disciplinary team of planners, engineers, scientists and maintenance operators.

“This award recognises outstanding creativity, innovation, and service.  It represents the benefits of taking a collaborative approach and engaging with a wide range of stakeholders to achieve best practice environmental outcomes,” says Dr Prentice, Chief Executive of Opus.

Opus is part of Total Bridge Services, a joint venture with TBS Farnsworth and Fulton Hogan, which performs all maintenance activities required on the Auckland Harbour Bridge.