18 July 2018 Kate Palmer

WSP Opus, one of the world’s leading engineering professional services consulting firms, is acknowledging its unparalleled New Zealand heritage as it harnesses the power of global thinking.

This year the company relaunched as WSP Opus, following the acquisition of Opus International Consultants Limited (Opus) by WSP.

Ian Blair, Managing Director of WSP Opus, says it’s rare for a company to have the opportunity to tell such a compelling story with a new brand.

“WSP Opus combines 43,000 global experts with 148 years of unrivalled local knowledge as the advisors, engineers, scientists, architects and innovators who pioneer the infrastructure and environments that matter to Kiwis,” he says.

 Blair defines this combination of thinking global and knowing local as ‘glocal’.

 “From the London Shard to the Auckland Harbour Bridge, the Dubai Wheel to Clyde Dam, together, we bring world class to our own backyard."

“We know what’s important to our clients and communities because we’ve been pioneering the infrastructure and foundations they’re built on for the past 148 years. Now we’re at a defining moment where we can collaborate with the top minds and expertise from around the world on transformational projects that will redefine New Zealand for the generations to come - and the results will be profound.”

 This glocal expertise is already being utilised in one of the world’s harshest environments – Scott Base in Antarctica. WSP Opus is involved in the redevelopment of the remote station, managing the structural and civil design.

 “We’ve been at Scott Base since the beginning and have been building on ice since the 1980s. Now our team is leveraging the power of our WSP international expertise to create and maintain infrastructure that matches the environmental demands of the location.”

 For additional information please contact Kate Palmer, WSP Opus Senior Communications Advisor

Tel: +64 27 208 3382