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WSP Opus young gun wins Stormwater Professional of the Year Award

9 May 2019 Chloe Brigden

Stormwater Josh Irvine

WSP Opus water expert Josh Irvine has been recognised for his ground-breaking work by the industry, receiving the highly regarded Young Stormwater Professional of the Year Award at last week’s Water New Zealand Stormwater Conference in Auckland.

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How & why stormwater asset owners should take-action for community safety

24 April 2019 Chloe Brigden

our findings and suggested actions

Saturday 3 June 2017, a young girl in Favona, South Auckland lost her life in an incident involving an uncovered roadside catchpit. The incident marked the second catchpit fatality in five-years - following the death of a man in Wellington.

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Can we improve Auckland’s most polluted waterway?

24 April 2019 Chloe Brigden

Stormwater conference 2019 WSP Opus

Until recently, there has been no set tool or process that can objectively assess and evaluate the suitability of Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs) in the field of stormwater management. Now, a new methodology devised by WSP Opus and Auckland Council can assess GPTs as a retrofit opportunity at sub-catchment levels. The methodology is currently being tested in Wairau Valley, Auckland - but could be rolled out across wider New Zealand.

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Innovative water sensitive design solutions for today's thriving cities

23 April 2019 Chloe Brigden

pexels photo 242124

A global challenge faced by thriving cities is the lack of space for water sensitive design solutions.

Water sensitive design is an urban planning process that looks to reduce the impact of urbanisation on the water cycle. In a traditional urban environment, trees and vegetation are replaced with roads and buildings allowing less water and nutrients to be absorbed into the ground.

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The aftermath of Cyclone Fehi and Cyclone Gita

20 March 2019 Chloe Brigden

Sh1 damage from Cyclone

This time last year ex-tropical cyclones Fehi and Gita caused over $81 million dollars of destruction during their six-week siege of New Zealand’s west coast.

The fury of Fehi and Gita forced the West Coast, Nelson and Tasman regions into a state of emergency; with many communities needing to evacuate their homes due to severe storms, flooding and contamination.

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Can we restore our waterways to good health?

30 January 2019 Chloe Brigden

Chaohu Lake RTR24QAT 1024x681

As water temperatures rise so does the potential for algae blooms, unsightly at the least and, at worst, toxic to other organisms including freshwater, marine mammals, birds and humans. 

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Improvement project delivers world class facility

22 November 2018 Kate Palmer


Keen amateur and professional BMX riders now have a world class track thanks to work carried out by WSP Opus for the NZ Transport Agency.
The construction of the new North Harbour BMX facility is part of the Northern Corridor Improvements project.
North Harbour BMX is one of three sports clubs (along with Rosedale Pony Club and Harbour Hockey) that has been relocated by the Northern Corridor Improvements (NCI) project team to make way for the new motorway.
For Maree Drury, Technical Principal – Planning, the project has involved pulling many different threads together to bring the vision to life.
WSP Opus had around 10 designers working on the year-long project, along with contaminated site specialists, planners and stormwater experts.

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Resilient water and waste water networks: 8 things to consider if an earthquake hits.

29 August 2018 Chloe Brigden

Photo by Katii Bishop from Pexels

In wake of the 2010 Christchurch earthquake and ongoing aftershocks, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment engaged WSP Opus and GNS Science to undertake research into the seismic response of buried infrastructure in New Zealand. 

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