Transforming transport services in East Auckland

Auckland Transport is undertaking the package of AMETI projects to transform transportation services in East Auckland.

The AMETI project is an integrated, multi-modal transport project in an area that has experienced massive growth over the last few decades, but where the transport infrastructure has remained largely unchanged and is poorly serviced by public transport options.

AMETI is focused on supporting population and economic growth in east Auckland and Manukau by providing better transport choices and aims to significantly enhance the safety, quality and attractiveness of passenger transport, walking and cycling environments.

WSP Opus has provided architecture (including landscape architecture and urban design), traffic/public transport planning, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, environmental and geotechnical engineering and planning services. WSP Opus previously led the development of the concept design for the overall package of AMETI projects.

Package 1 includes the provision of a new high quality bus/rail interchange at Panmure Station, with the AMETI link road running under the station in a covered box and street improvements and a plaza above. This design allows for greater integration between buses and trains and will serve an increasing number of public transport users. The Station has strong links to the original Panmure Town Centre allowing for easier pedestrian access and to facilitate a higher frequency of trains and buses.

The new interchange is planned to be the catalyst for redevelopment of the adjacent council owned land with retail/commercial and residential buildings. The station has been designed with a range of access points to generate “permeability” to link to a range of adjacent land uses and transport modes including rapid transit high frequency bus and rail, local bus services, walking and cycling, and park and ride. A focus has been on minimising the interchange penalty between modes to maximise patronage.

The interchange is currently under construction and is designed to provide accessible, convenient and intuitive access between rail services, high frequency bus rapid transit services that will operate on a dedicated Busway and local bus services. A high quality 22 concourse building provides ticketing, information and amenity for both rail and bus passengers. Separate bus stop facilities and electronic information systems for the Busway and local services will help passengers to quickly find the services they want.