Cameron Pool 2

Ensuring a safe and sustainable facility for the community’s enjoyment

An ageing facility, the building and roof of Cameron Pool and Leisure Centre in Auckland was suffering from severe corrosion. Now it’s being upgraded to create a modern community space that will last.

In the Auckland suburb of Mt Roskill lies the existing Cameron Pool and Leisure Centre. A community centre for leisure and fitness activities, it includes two pools (a 25m main pool plus a 12.5m learners’ pool, called Nan’s Pool) and a gym.

The facilities are housed in two connected buildings. The Nan’s Pool building shell required full replacement, due to severe corrosion of existing structural and cladding elements. The main pool building roof also required replacing due to corrosion and sagging structural elements.

Work to upgrade the buildings is now underway, with completion due in April 2016.

Our role

WSP Opus Architecture, building services, and structural engineers were involved in designing a completelynew building envelope for Nan’s Pool plus a new roof and structural supports for the main pool.

The result

Nan’s Pool is now operational and is a modern, light-filled facility that maximises the natural light offered by the site. The new design simplifies the roof forms and rainwater collection from the original complex configuration.

More robust and corrosion-resistant materials were employed in the new design to reduce the maintenance costs for Auckland Council.

The main pool, with an upgraded roof, is expected to reopen in April 2016.

Key challenge and solution

Design of the new Nan’s Pool enclosure required careful consideration of its linkage to the existing main pool building – it was important that it complemented the existing building. The resulting complementary structure, with its similar lines and look, achieves this. 

Nan’s Pool also had to be designed in such a way that the main pool could remain operational during construction. So we carefully designed hoardings to safely separate the activities.

At a glance

Client: Auckland Council
Location: Mt Roskill, Auckland
Dates: 2015 – present (completion due April 2016)
Services provided: Architecture, building services, structural