Surveying hard to reach sites is something we're experts in and that's why Palmerston North District Council called on WSP Opus to provide a complete 3D model of their Waste Water Treatment Plant. 

Our survey team took on the challenge in the very confined space to provide a detailed model of the interior using their expertise and the latest scanning technology. UAV's (drones) were used to survey the exterior of the structure and all the data was collected in point cloud format to bring every detail to life with incredible accuracy.

Our amazingly detailed 3D site model shows all the measurements, and enables piping and instrumentation diagrams to be processed straight from the model saving the Palmerston North District Council time and money in the future.

Although they don't sound exciting, waste water treatment plants are critical in providing our most vital resource, clean water. A wastewater plant treats water from our toilets, drains, sinks and showers to remove solid waste and other contaminants before being released back into the environment. WSP Opus understands the importance of surveys in maintaining these facilities so that everyone always has access to fresh, clean water.