Managing our assets

WSP Opus Research were called in on behalf of NZTA to do a condition assessment on the Tutaekuri Bridge, to determine how much life was left in it.

The assessment looked at the bridge’s current condition, future corrosion risk and residual life. The 1930s structure had been extensively repaired in the 1990s and the question was whether it could be further refurbished or needed to be replaced.

The assessment confirmed that the bridge could be successfully maintained for at least another 20 years with further patch repairs, and we used Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) techniques to further alleviate any concerns about its future structural performance.

SHM has just been installed on the Tutaekuri Bridge based on initial monitoring of its vibration response under a known truckload using MEMS (micro sized) accelerometers. These accelerometers will be permanently installed on the bridge to provide a continual record of how the bridge is holding up to traffic.

SHM is a relatively new technology in New Zealand. Through WSP Opus Research's work, we are keeping up with advances in technology to offer our clients a comprehensive structural performance service.