WSP Opus Architectural Services

Opus Architecture is a leading team of building design professionals - architects, space planners, interior designers and project managers.

We provide building design services to the public, commercial, health, leisure and education sectors. We’ve earned a reputation for innovative design solutions with a strong focus on sustainability and our work has been recognised with many top design awards.

We often work with in-house structural, civil and building services engineers to provide a total, managed, multi-disciplinary design service.


Our Vision


At Opus Architecture we believe working closely with our customers to develop an in-depth understanding of their requirements is fundamental to good design.

Our job is to integrate every element that contributes to a buildable, sustainable solution to meet your requirements, within your budget and timeframe.

We aim for design that lifts the spirits, delights the people who use our buildings, and enhances the local environment with design excellence that adds quality of life.

Sustainable Design

Environmental sustainability is an integral part of our design process.

It starts with careful site selection, building orientation and the relationship between outdoor and indoor spaces, and carries through to materials selection and appropriate planting, and finally the placement of windows and doors. 

All of these elements can all help maximise natural lighting and ventilation, reduce heat gain/loss, and create more comfortable and healthy living environments.

We use state-of-the-art computer software to assist in thermal and sun-light modelling.


We believe that good design is good for business.

Listen, Create, Inspire

Opus Architecture produces design driven solutions for projects that consistently achieve design excellence. We achieve this with a rigorous and regular review process that helps our team to arrive at contemporary architecture that reflects its time, is sensitive to culture and place, using leading technology.

We set out a philosophy and approach in the course of the design evolution of each project – not just at the conceptual stage but at key points throughout the project life all the way through to completion, challenging norms and pushing boundaries.

The process is circular rather than linear, and the first solution may not always be the best one. But with continued analysis and the exploration of options, it leads to an optimum solution within the time and budget constraints.

This intellectual rigour is an essential part of encouraging creativity, innovation and importantly motivation of the teams involved in the design. Research and development also plays a crucial part and participation in design competitions are a key component of our ongoing work.

At a fundamental level the power of enquiry, challenging the brief and exploration of ideas through 2D CAD drawing and 3-D computer modelling is part of our DNA; equally important is hand sketching and physical model making, full size mock-ups and prototypes. It all contributes to the design process and understanding the client’s needs, aspirations and the communication of ideas.

Sustainability is a non-negotiable consideration today for all our projects no matter their size and we draw on the expertise of the wider Opus family for up-to-the minute information on the latest thinking globally. We passionately believe that our physical surroundings have a strong influence over our psychological wellbeing.

Our architectural expertise is based in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Christchurch, Napier, Palmerston North and Brisbane.

Our experience includes:

  • Urban Design and Landscape
  • Health
  • Office and Commercial
  • Retail
  • Community
  • Transport
  • Sport and Leisure
  • Justice and Emergency Services
  • Education
  • Heritage
  • Residential
  • Corrections
  • Arts and Culture