We can carry out testing to ASTM, Australian, British Standards and other International Standards

Our tests include quality control testing, random verification testing (RVT), site sampling and testing and specialist advisory services.

Routine tests for bitumen and asphalt products are as shown below:

  • Asphaltic concrete properties
    • Mix design to Asphalt Institute and Austroads standards
      • Marshall
      • Gyratory
  • Compaction control
  • Refusal density
  • Binder content and grading
  • Maximum specific gravity
  • Bulk density of blocks or cores
  • TSR (Tensile Strength Ratio)
  • Resilient modulus
  • PSV (Polished Stone Value) and skid resistance tests
  • Bitumen Properties
    • NZTA M/1 approval testing
    • Cutback properties
    • Emulsion properties
    • Polymer modified binders
  • Pavement failure investigations
  • Recovered binder properties
  • Modulus testing of bituminous materials¬†¬†
  • NZTA E/ bitumen distributor testing
  • NZTA T/8 paint applicator testing