We can carry out testing to NZ and/or International Standards

Our tests include quality control testing, random verification testing (RVT), site sampling and testing and specialist advisory services.

Routine tests for concrete, cement grouts and concrete products are as shown below:

  • Determination of hardened concrete properties
    • Splitting tensile strength
    • Flexural tensile strength
    • Compressive strength of moulded cylinders
    • Compressive strength of drilled cores
    • Capping of cylinders
    • Density of hardened concrete
    • Drying shrinkage and wetting expansion
    • Thermal expansion
    • Density, absorption and voids in hardened concrete
  • Determination of fresh concrete properties
    • Sampling
    • Moulding and curing
    • Density (unit mass)
    • Slump
    • Bleeding of concrete
    • Air Content (air meter)
    • Spread
    • Grout flow time
    • Volume change and bleeding of grout
  • Concrete and clay paver testing
  • Cement testing
  • Specialist concrete testing
  • Product development
  • Steel detection
  • Schmidt hammer impact
  • Concrete coring