We can carry out testing to NZ and/or International Standards

Our tests include quality control testing, random verification testing (RVT), site sampling and testing and specialist advisory services.

Pavement quality depth and variability

  • Geotechnical descriptions of material
  • In-situ density
  • Pavement test pits
  • Photographing and logging of pits
  • Sampling of layers
  • Scala in subgrade

Quality of pavement materials 

  • Benkelman beam
  • British pendulum
  • CBR
  • Clay index
  • Gradings
  • Plasticity index

 If stabilising, which additive to use?

  • Pavement treatment selection with various additives at various % - lime, cement, combination
    • CBR
    • UCS
    • ITS
    • Mix design (T/19)
    • Mix verification